Happy Christmas & Big Ups To All

Just a quick message to say a Happy Christmas to all my followers that celebrate it, and general end-of-year big ups to all involved with Night Tracks!

Big ups to those who took the time to answer some questions and put together mixes for us this year, so big up Ollie, Gordon, Dan, Simon, Deji, CeiranJamie & Yung-E, Simon, Lewis, Donald & Micha, Johney, Tyler, Christian, Henry, Louis, Nic, Will, Gareth, Owen, James, Jack, Tobias, Joey,  and Ben, and big ups to Sam, Zelda and Graciella for interviews coming soon!

Extra big ups to those that chose to give away tunes alongside their interviews too! So out to Venture, J-One, Triggy, Recess, eplp, Venture (again!) and Graciellita (coming soon!).

Extreme big ups to the amazing artists that have released on Night Tracks, or are going to in the future, so big up to Venture, Bhava, Apple Bottom, Venture (getting too many big ups now), eplp, Kid Smpl, Venture (Yawn!), Mirror State, Kelle/Pingu, Muroidea, & Brim, and hopefully many more.

Major big ups to my girlfriend Louisa for help with the artwork for the Night Tracks release, and big up to Taavi for the design work he's done for the site. Big up to Mike at Sub-Radar for giving me the idea to even start a blog in the first place. Big up the guys at Life Crushed and Pixelatique for the support!

Big up to all at the Night Shift Collective, for the consistently high quality, so big up to Inofaith, Sorrow, Klātu,
 Fedbymachines, Ghostek, Sina, Mirror State, Jernalism, Solitude, Delete, Gards From KC, AddRift, Great Skies, Roof Light, Birds Of Passage, Lyndsie Alguire, Shura, Hiatus, Essay, Sotus, Venture, Luska, eplp, Neka, Gallery Six, Owsey, Sipp, From Fields, Julien Mier and Infest.

Big up to all those who followed me and supported my productions as Budeaux on Soundclound, and big up to Soundcloud for making me their user of the day.

Last, but most definitely not least, big up to all the readers who follow Night Tracks, big up to everybody that has sent me great music, big up to anybody who downloaded any of the Night Tracks releases, and big up even more anybody that paid for it!