Interview with Recess and Free Download

Today we've got an interview with the Australian producer Recess who has also kindly chosen to give away his remix of Archive's track 'Lights'. Check it out...

NT: Hey man, can you give us an introduction?
Hey all, my name's Louis (or Ahilleas if you can pronounce it) Papantos I'm an 18 year old dude from Melbourne Australia with a huge love for all things experimental and hip-hop.

NT: How long have you been producing, and what was the spark that made you start?
Um I've been producing for just over a year I think. Well on my own that is, I used to play all the melodies for a electronic-duo 'Pola Bear' which was made up with a fellow local Melbourne cat who now is half of the deep-house 'Sleep D' group.

NT: Your productions you feature on your soundcloud profile are really varied, from the deep experimental nature of your remix of 'Lights' to the almost Lounge-style hip hop of 'Morning Feed' to your more straight up Trip Hop stylings. Do you prefer producing one style over the others? Is there any other styles you'd like to work with?
Good question, well I love old-school hip-hop and jazz hence my songs usually been sampled but I'm also a pretty-decent pianist so sometimes I like to just smash out some chords on a synth and see what I can make of it. I really prefer the electronic and experimental genre more than anything, but I'm not really technical so I struggle to create the sounds I want and that's why I usually just dig for old records and sample the sound I want.

In the future though I'd love to make deep electronic music that combines my love for sampling with some crazy synth sounds.

NT: As I mentioned above, your style seems really varied. Who are your major influences?
Modeselektor, Flying Lotus, The Avalanches and Thom Yorke are all massive influences on my productions. Flying Lotus was the artist that got me started in the whole trip-hop/experimental thing so I'd probably crown him my biggest influence. Oh and Madlib as well.

NT: A quick question about your local scene. What is it like in Melbourne for the more underground bass-music styles? Is there anybody we should keep an eye on for the future?
Melbourne's beat scene is quickly emerging and a lot of innovating artists as well as crews such as Ruler are emerging. Still early days but there's a lot of potential out here so I say keep your eyes peeled out for the whole scene (if that's possible haha!)

NT: Have you got any releases planned for the future?
Well at the moment I'm thinking of releasing Morning Feed and another couple of jazzy hip-hop tracks on an EP which will be on Beatport, Juno and all that, but after that I want to release some real down-tempo experimental tracks for free and see where I go from there.

NT: Finally, if you had to name your three favourite 'Night Tracks', what would they be?
Modeselektor - My Anthem
Radiohead - Street Spirit
Horrorshow - Celapram

NT: Thanks man! Bag the free download of Recess' remix of 'Lights' by Archive by clicking on the image below.