Interview with Inofaith

I've been fortunate enough to convince Inofaith to answer some questions, and luckily, I've decided to share them with you followers of Night Tracks. Read on and see what he has to say, and check out some of his tunes along the way...

NT: Hey, can you give us an introduction for the people that haven’t heard of you yet?
Hi, I’m Tobias aka Inofaith, producer, sound design freak and DJ from The Netherlands. I’m busy with deep music, odd sounds and imagination.

NT: I’ve asked the following question to quite a few people that aren’t from the UK, as I’m always interested in finding out; How did you first get into the garage sound?
It’s all bits and pieces over a longer period of time. But part of it stems from when I started producing at 14, I did HipHop/TripHop, then Breakbeat, finally Drum and Bass. The thing I liked most was the drum programming, that’s when my love for working with syncopation and strange rhythms developed.

I did hear a few 2-Step tracks in popular music now and then like Artful Dodger - Re Rewind haha.
I also bought my first Dubstep record, Boxcutter’s album “Oneiric” in 2006, featuring tracks that were 2-Step and Garage influenced but nothing like it in the traditional sense.

But shortly after that I stopped producing (2007), started again early 2009. It was sort of my musical re-boot and also when I really got into Dubstep and focussed completely on that. Initially I made very ambient and chilled stuff like ‘Dawn Is Late’ and ‘Girls Go To Bed Early’. Then in 2010 me and a few friends had a resident gig in Haarlem, there I played more and more 2-Step and deeper experimental stuff.
Later I got reacquainted with Garage and it made me realise my beats had more 2-Step and Garage in them rather than half-time Dubstep. That got me back in touch with my breakbeat & syncopation loving side :).

Inofaith - Nocturne

NT: Is there a specific vibe or feel that you try to work into your productions?
Yes, it happens naturally and tends to be a mix between the vibe of films that can really move you,  the feeling when you’re alone late at night and it seems like you’re the only one on the world. Also travelling: being on the train or a bus, you can sort of be nowhere in between places. I want music to take me on a trip like that.

NT: What is it that attracted you to the “night time” sound?
As you might have guessed I’m somewhat of an insomniac. I just love the freedom and peace that comes with the night; people have gone to sleep, stores are closed and the whole city dims down.
If you take a walk at 4 AM you really notice the details; like moths flying around streetlights, a cat sneaking in an alley, things like that.

I love music that can take me to those kind of places.

Inofaith - Girls Go To Bed Early

NT: What is the garage/dubstep scene like in the Netherlands? Is there much of a following, and are there any Dutch artists we should look out for?
The Dubstep scene is very healthy, there’s a lot of guys out there doing their thing. Some came from previous scenes like dnb and there’s a lot of newcomers.
There’s a pretty clear distinction between the brostep and dubstep parties which is nice, so people know what they’re in for.
It a lot of DJ’s and producers are now getting into a more mature stage and really taking the scenes to the next level. Garage has been lurking around and seems to be more abundant than before.
Of course FedByMachines has really got that Dark Garage vibe going, TMSV is doing proper Dubstep and guys like June Miller and Julien Mier are very talented producers that really got their unique sounds nailed.

NT: I want to talk about local influences. A lot of “Superstar DJs” that are really big at the moment come from the Netherlands. Whilst they don’t DJ or Produce the sort of music you do, does the music they play out have any influence on your productions? Or do you feel it’s a case that the internet and the accessibility to new music have put an end to any localised sounds?
You mean DJ Tiesto etc? That doesn’t influence my sound at all. I don’t listen to it, but my brother who is a DJ as well is into it. Though I am proud of the fact that Holland has healthy Techno/Trance/Electro scenes which are appreciated internationally.
I do think that the internet has removed any barrier local musicians would normally have, but I feel people still produce local sounding music. Every city has a vibe, and a lot of times you can pick that up in the music, it just spreads further today than it could before. That results in like-minded individuals finding each other online and sharing music, that’s why I started Night Shift Collective.

Inofaith - Twelve Hours

NT: How important to you was it to have a release on vinyl?
Since I started producing at 14 I dreamed of having my music on real vinyl, holding actual music in your hands is more real. I kept holding on to that thought and wouldn’t settle until somebody would give me a chance to release a record. It’s only in recent years that digital music has grown so much, that didn’t make me change my mind, I love vinyl and want to keep that alive.

NT: Can you tell me more about your Sound Design pieces?
Growing up I watched a lot of films, and now I have quite a healthy collection of DVD’s. I always watch the behind-the-scenes or making-of’s and found out about foley, field recording and sound design. Since I was already busy with sampling and audio editing/processing, the step to start crafting my own special sounds was obvious.
You can really create something that gives a certain feeling or puts a picture in your head. It’s the other side of sound that doesn’t involve percussion, melodies or song structure.
I’ve always liked the idea of scoring a film. Or making sounds for one, which is very free-form and can be non-musical.

Inofaith - Dawn Is Late

NT: Do you have any releases forthcoming that we should know about?
I’m working on a very special (unofficial) audiovisual remix in celebration of a 1000 likes on my facebook page, which I will release as soon as I get the video remix done.
There are official things in the works, but it’s too early to say anything about them yet, it’s gonna be dark that’s for sure.
I’m doing more gigs at the moment, where I play new material that is not on my SoundCloud. So keep your eyes and ears peeled ;)

NT: Finally, if you had to pick your three favourite “Night Tracks”, what would they be?
The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Bluette
Boxcutter - Chlorophyll
Arts The Beat Doctor - Revolve (ft. Esther)

NT: I appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions man, thank you! If you liked the tunes you heard, follow Inofaith on Facebook to get the updates fast.

Buy the Dawn Is Late EP here, here, here or here or download it here.