Interview with Venture & Night Tracks 011: Guest Mix & Free Download

Today’s interview is with a good friend, the producer Venture. Included in here are the latest guest mix, and a free download of the Night Tracks exclusive “Shadows of the Night”. Read on...

NT: How’s it going man, you cool though? Can we have a quick introduction for the people that haven’t heard of you yet?
V: Hey. My name is Daniel, 20 years old hailing from Aston, Birmingham. I’ve been producing for just over 2 years now, but only recently have I started to get better and focus more on my production. I focus predominately on the minimal side of Drum and Bass, it just feels right.

NT: What was the driving force behind wanting to produce music?
V: Well it’s only been over the last few years, since I left school that I started to delve in to and have a real passion for music. I used to listen to mainstream commercial stuff all the time. I suppose the time I started to take more of a real interest was when I got the Pendulum, In Silico album. Listening to that album I just loved the breaks and the basslines that are associated with drum and bass. Another CD that pushed me further into the world of 170bpm was the Innovation – In the Sun 3CD album. It had big tunes of the time such as High Contrast – If We Ever and old school bangers like Roni Size - Snapshot. Around 2 years ago I decided to have a go at making my own music. I started off in some freeware called Magix, and then stepped up to Reason 4. As my favourite music at the time was Drum and Bass, it made sense for me to have a crack at it. I sucked hard, as everyone does at the start though.

At the start of my production I didn’t really have a set goal or type of sound I was trying to achieve, but it started to click for me though when I started making minimal Drum and Bass. It was something I was listening to a lot at the time, such artists as Bop, Unquote, Mr Sizef were all pushing it. I loved the emotion, passion and the way it made you feel. I think the first minimal tune I made was a track called ‘The Way’ which was really deep and minimal, and then just somehow I managed to make a tune called ‘Show Me Your Heart’ featuring an acapella of a really talented American singer called Holly Prothman. After that it just clicked for me, and I polished off my debut 10 track free album, very quickly.

Only recently did I decide to tackle the 140 aspect, as it was something I’d never attempted before. As already mentioned, from the Drum and Bass aspect my influences are artists such as Bop, Unquote, Mr Sizef, LM1, Koto, Mistabishi, Logistics, Data, June Miller (the list could go on and on...) From a 140 aspect, my biggest influence would have to be Synkro, the guy’s just a legend. I don’t know anyone else on the scene that is so versatile and makes such emotive, deep music. Other names that come to mind are, d-Bridge, Burial, Clubroot, Kryptic Minds, early Instra:mental (they’ve seemed to lose their focus to me recently)...

NT: Your tracks all have very emotional titles. Is emotion something you purposefully try to work into tracks?
V: Yes definitely. To me that’s what minimal is all about, it’s a journey, a story, an expression of feelings. Whenever something’s bothering me or I’m down about something, I put on such tracks as Bop – Enjoy The Moment (Unquote Remix), Helios – First Dream Called Ocean (Stray Remix), Synkro and Indigo – Guidance. All those tracks have a way of touching the soul to me, as if they are speaking directly to you. They pick you up and lift you high, very hard to explain. 

When I’m producing I try to put my emotion into my music, to give it that personal touch and feeling, so that listeners can really connect with it. Yes, I try to give my titles emotional titles, so you can always try and work out the back story of each of my songs! Haha. I think emotional track names have become a part of minimal music now too. Artists such as Unquote and Mr Sizef are well known for their elaborate titles, such as, ‘Hide Your Tears Because We Are In Heaven’ , ‘Scraps Of Feelings Hot Textures Of Experience Azure Touches And Deep Breaths’ (that’s all one title by the way!) I suppose my favourite title of mine would be ‘Her Eyes Shine Like Stars On A Winters Night’

NT: Are there any other genres you’d like to explore with productions in the future?
V: Erm, well I love the garage, ambient, two step side of 130-140, that’s something I’d like to have a go at. And also some Deep Drum and Bass like that produced by Data, June Miller, Lenzman... 

NT: Can you tell us about any forthcoming releases?
V: I have Embrace/Let’s Be Forever out on DLA Black Records (Digital). They were actually my very first minimal 140 explorations. And I have a future EP in the pipeline on quite a good minimal Drum and Bass label (hopefully). Depending on whether the latter happens or not, I’ll be continuing to work on my second album, which will probably, and fittingly, be titled ‘e-Motive’.

NT: Finally, what are your 3 all-time favourite ‘night tracks’?
V: That’s a very tricky question, but I think I’d have to go with:

Burial – Etched Headplate
Late – Losing You
Synkro and Indigo – Guidance

NT: Thanks for your time man. Readers, you can check out Venture's guest mix below, and find the link for the free download below.

Night Tracks 011 - Venture Guest Mix by Garethom on Mixcloud


Ghostek & Roof Light - Known All The Days
Late - Dreams Are
Klatu - Blacklight
Burial - Etched Headplate
Clubroot - Waterways
June Miller - Neurosis
Irrellevant - Grains (Myrkur Remix)
Swarms - Roulette