Internet has forced me to go old school...

Was planning on researching for a new post tonight, but my internet has been gash, so have had to find other ways to entertain myself.

In a clear out of my desk, I found a 3 year old book token chilling there. In the hope it was still valid, I bopped on down to Waterstones, in the fashion that only a true gangster could. Picked up Batman - Arkham Asylum.

Started reading because of the aforementioned lack of internet. Not sure if I can put it down in order to sleep. The artwork is absolutely sick. If you have even just a passing interest in comics (like me) or "graphic novels" or whatever, then you should pick this up.

On a side note, thanks to all for the support, had an absolutely astounding amount of views today, never thought I would get this much, so big up to you all for listening to me ramble about something called a "night track". Big up to the people that I've interviewed so far, and pre-emptive big up to all those in the pipeline!

Currently hoping the net doesn't crash while I'm buying this present for my girlfriend's birthday. Gotta say, I'm pretty proud of this idea. Will show you all after her birthday, sure a few of you will appreciate it.

Best post this now before the internet crashes out again. Peace.