Interview with Essáy & Night Tracks 017: Guest Mix

Today’s interview is with the German producer Essáy, who I’ve been dying to get on the blog ever since I heard 1991. He’s also put together an amazing mix of ambient tracks, so if you like ambient, check it out, and if you don’t, well check it out and you probably will!

NT: Hey. Can you give us an introduction?
E: My name is Simon, I am 20 and I am from a little city near Heidelberg in Germany.

NT: When did you start producing, and why did you decide to produce the style of music that you do?
E: I started producing when I was 10-11 years old. Well, at first I used to make some chilled hip hop beats and jungle, then when I was 14 I listened to The Drill and a new door was opened. I started producing electro house and minimal house with some ambient touch. While I did that I listened to many genres like rock, jazz and whatever. Now I like to use some elements of a genre and mix it together with something new or old and other genres.

NT: Are you influenced by environmental factors, for example, the weather, the time of day, etc.?
E: Yeah, the nature, e.g. the weather, is a very important influence as is the time of day. The best time for me for producing is a rainy, cold but lovely autumn night. Of course I have some music influence from other artists and tracks too.

NT: What aspects are important to you when producing? What do you look to put into your music?
E: Mmmm… I just need an idea, time and silence. Maybe some ice tea too haha.

NT: You run the label Warminal Records. What was the reason behind starting it?
E: I wanted to start a platform where I can release some stuff of my own and of other artists. With Warminal artists help me with their tracks to make a good label with good music and I try to help make them more popular. I even wanted to make the releases for free, so at the moment every track is available on soundcloud for free but just 100 downloads, because I don’t have the money yet to make it a pro account. People can buy it from bandcamp, every track is 40 cents. I think this is a price that everyone can pay. and all of the money goes to the artists. My payment is that people tell me and the artists that they like what we do. That’s the best thing that people can give, some love!

NT: What do you look for from the artists that have released on your label?
E: That they do some good music haha! I just wanna release music on Warminal that I personally like.

NT: Do you or your label have any releases coming soon?
E: Yeah, the rest of the year is full with releases e.g. Empyrean and Dials. Maybe I can release the ambient compilation this year (I need more ambient stuff). but I don’t wanna push out releases every week. That’s too much for everyone, and I still have a real life haha.

NT: Can you give us a few words about your selection for the mix?
E: I took some tracks that I personally would want to hear at night and I wanted to make a little list of music that is ambient with an emotional touch. This is my first mix, I am not a DJ so I put some reverb on every track so that I can make a transition that’s okay.

NT: Finally, if you had to name your three favourite "Night Tracks", what would they be?
E: Hmm, that changes often, but in general I would say:
Burial - Archangel
Audision - Yellow Sunset
Younger Brother - Psychic Gibbon

NT: Thanks for your time man. Readers, check out Essáy's great mix below!

Audision - Yellow Sunset
Mileece - Fern
Julien Neto - Questionable Things
Unknown - Unknown
Stephan Mathieu - Schwarzschild Radius
Mantsevich Dzenis - November
Klimek - Sound Of Confusion
Essáy - Noir
Jannick Schou - 19.07 (Clem Leek & Christoph Berg Remix)
Slow - Bliss