Interview with Soundproof & Night Tracks 016: Guest Mix

Today’s interview and guest mix is with producers and label heads Soundproof, who, alongside releases on their own label Soundproof Records have released on the likes of Boka, amongst Distance, Tunnidge, MRK1, Emalkay and DJ Madd. Check out what they have to say and listen into their deep mix packed full of dubs. Read on...

NT: Hey, can we get an introduction from you?
S: Soundproof are 2 people, Jamie and Yung-e. We are from West London and we produce, DJ and release Dubstep/electronic music. We also run a label called 'Soundproof recordings'.

NT: So, which came first? Running the label or producing? What was behind the decision to start a label?
S: We have been producing music since about 2005, back then dubstep was a very small scene. We had a few tunes that we had made and were getting a good reaction from people like D1, Heny G. We showed them to Boka records and Jono, who ran the label then, liked them but said they were not right for Boka. He put us in touch with ST Holdings who agreed to put records out for us. At that time we only wanted put out white labels and didnt think of it as starting a proper label until we got to the office at ST Holdings and they asked us what the label name was!

NT: Is there a certain vibe that you look for the tracks you release, both as Soundproof and on the label?
S: Our DJ sets can be quite varied; the vibe can be dark and rolling to tearout in just a tune or 2. As long as there is energy in a track and a good groove we can work with it. The same goes for the label. Our last release 'The Unrelated EP' has a different vibe on each track but they all contain energy. We have a release coming from Orien soon which will be a huge remix of a tune we released on the label in 2006 called B-town. It’s a sick remix!

NT: You were releasing on vinyl back in 2006, when dubstep had a much, much smaller fan base. Are you surprised at how well it’s taken off, and do you have any thoughts on the matter?
S: We used to go to FWD when there were only 20 people in the room but even then we knew the music was something special. It’s changed a lot since then but music can’t stand still for long and we are glad it’s been so successful.

NT: If there was one artist that you could work with, who would that be and why?
S: Andy C. He has made some of the best UK dance music there has ever been.

NT: Can you give us a few words on the selection for the mix?
This is a mix for the deeper heads. Mostly dubs and Soundproof tunes. The last tune (Minimal E note) is something different, more of a deep house vibe so make sure you listen to the end for that.

NT: Have you got any releases forthcoming that we should know about?
We have a release forthcoming on Universe Recordings called Killing Time. Mistajam has been playing the tearout mix and we have had really good support with the dub mix that features in this set. There are a few remixes to come from us also that may surprise a few people. On the label the next release is going to be 'Barbarian' by Soundproof and 'B-town remix' by Orien that will be out in a few months after Killing time.

NT: Finally, if you had to pick three of your favourite “Night Tracks”, what would they be?
S: That’s a tough one, anything by Andy C or Todd Edwards!

NT: Thanks for your time guys! Check out the storming mix below...

Soundproof - Barbarian (Dub)
Soundproof - 3 Degrees (Soundproof Recordings)
Soundproof - Jungle Story (Soundproof Recordings)
Soundproof - Goon City (Dub)
Soundproof - Killing Time (Universe Media)
The Others - Titania (Dub)
Soundproof - Hi Tek Soul (Soundproof Recordings)
Orien - Ket Train (Dub)
Soundproof - Tough Guys (Dub)
Soundproof - Darkstar (Infamous Recordingz)
Soundproof - Minimal E Note (Dub)