Interview with Triggy, Night Tracks 015: Guest Mix & Free Download

Today’s interview is with Triggy, the London based producer pushing the eyes-down sound of dubstep (and more). He’s taken the time to put together a mix showcasing some of his favourite sounds and also gave us his remix of ‘Filth’ by Skream to give away! Read on a learn a little more… 

NT: Hey man, can you tell us a little about yourself?
T: My name is Ceiran, 20 years old and I produce under the name 'Triggy'. I've been messing around with music and sound design for roughly 4 years but have only really taken it seriously for the last 2. I also run a monthly studio mix feature entitled 'The Labyrinth Mix'.

NT: Have you always produced the sub-heavy, “eyes-down” strain of dubstep, or do you work on a variety of sounds? What drew you towards producing in this style?
T: No not at all, I'm really open minded with music and I've got a string of other styles that I produce, my tracks with PBMR are always completely different to the last and I dunno who else is making that sort of sound, I've just finished a track with a producer called Rofh which has a more Addison Groove/Boddika feel to it, I'm very very experimental with my tracks. These tracks just take a little longer to see the light of day as it's hard for me to feel fully satisfied with them and I'm pretty critical of my work. The darker deeper 'eyes-down' sound will always be my main area though, The fact that there is so much you can do with it, for me it's very emotionally driven, There's so much depth and character in certain tracks that you can really connect with the tracks and it can really change the mood your in (if that makes sense?). Its the same with any track of any genre for me, I need to feel something for me to enjoy it, and this style does that perfectly.

NT: You’re quite active on “The Dungeon Sound” thread on DSF, and your monthly Labyrinth Mixes are packed full of this style. Why do you think there’s been such a resurgence in spacious, sub-heavy dubstep?
T: I'm not sure really, British weather being so moody and dark most likely. I think there's a lot of factors to be honest, As I said before, its such a diverse genre that takes influences from anything, there's something in it for everyone, it can be really minimal such as Sleeper, or really in your face like Distance, Its a great time for this style of dubstep, The amount of producers that have clocked onto this sound and really given it a different swing is amazing, it's constantly changing and there’s no time for it to get boring. 

NT: I was having a conversation the other day about what track initially got people into dubstep. What track was it for you?
T: The first track that really got me into dubstep was 'Caspa – Rubber Chicken' on Tempa's Allstars Vol 3, I was instantly hooked, the simplicity of the track just made it so memorable but yet so good, I was humming the wobble for weeks after. It really is an addictive track, I still listen to it on the regular now, from there I went to check earlier DMZ, Big Apple etc. and I knew it was a sound I wanted to be involved in.

NT: You’re a fairly prolific remixer. Do you prefer creating original pieces or making your mark on tunes that are already out there?
T: It all depends, I really enjoying doing both, I find remixes a lot easier to get started off on, but get stuck half way through, where its the other way round on originals, so it all depends on my patience really. I always feel a greater sense of accomplishment with originals though.

NT: Have you got any releases lined up in the near future?
T: I do indeed, I have 2 forthcoming on Analogic Recordings. The 1st is a remix EP from earlier Analogic releases and will feature Sinister Souls remix of one of my tracks from a couple of years ago, This is an example of good tear out in my opinion, It really packs a punch. It will also feature my remix of Bassinine's 'Half Living Thing, Half Machine' which is up on my soundcloud now.
The 2nd release is an EP from myself, consisting of 3 original pieces and 2 remixes, It's a very diverse release with all tracks on a different vibe, 'The Reaper' is currently the only track from the EP online but a brand new one entitled 'Nature Of Fear' makes its debuts in my mix.
Remixes included are Seizure from Fent Plates and Brainpain from Panzer Inc Recordings, so as you can imagine, lots of different styles.

NT: Can you explain your selection for the mix, and a give us a few words about your remix of Skream’s track, “Filth”?
T: The mix is simply loaded full of tracks that I'm really feeling at the moment, I try and mix it up as much as I can, so its not a straight hour of 'dungeon'. I've included a few dubs from myself and some upcoming producers to show that the scene is really throwing out some great talent at the moment.

The reason I decided to remix Filth, in all honestly, is because it's one of my least favourite Skream tracks, The intro draws me in instantly and is one of my favourite melodies around, But as soon as it drops and the midrange comes in, I lose complete interest, It feels really anti-climatic to me, no disrespect to Skream of course. I remixed the track when I was really getting into audio processing and manipulation (as well as cutting samples from tracks) so it felt like the perfect track to work on.

NT: Any artists out there that you think we should keep an eye on?
T: There's quite a lot of producers out there that I'm really getting into at the moment and quite excited to see what else they come out with, but to narrow it down:

Perverse, 2 producers from NZ, They've been putting out a great deal of massive tunes really, great idea's, great work rate, great quality. Oh and watch for a Triggy & Perverse collab very soon.

Legend4ry, I've known of Legend4ry for quite some time now and I'm glad I found out about him when I did. I've really seen the progression in his music over the years and it has come a long way, It's quite unique and thoughtful. His forthcoming Orientis release also looks like it'd come close to being my favourite release of the year. His Wednesd4ry show With T4X is also worth locking into.

NT: Finally, if you had to pick your 3 favourite ‘Night Tracks’ what would they be?

T: Tough choice but would have to go for (in no particular order):

Distance – Night Vision [Planet Mu] The sample, the drums, the midrange, perfect craftsmanship
Kryptic Minds – Stepping Stones [Swamp81] The percussion, the rhythm, the soundscapes, flawless

Loefah – Mud [DMZ] Dont really need to say anything do I?

NT: Thanks for your time man! Check out Triggy's latest mix from his Labyrinth series, a special mix for Night Tracks, and bag the free download by clicking here.

1. Triggy - Gallows Gauntlet [Dub]
2. Legend4ry - Detramental [Orientis Recordings - Forthcoming]
3. Icicle - Xylophobia [Shogun Audio]
4. Tes La Rok - Earth [Noppa Recordings]
5. Kryptic Minds - Depth Of Field [Black Box]
>>>Skream - Midnight Request Line [Tempa]
6. Code Zero - Dungeon Creature [Dub]
7. Sleeper - The 2nd Step [Dub]
8. Perverse - Gibberish [Dub]
9. Youngsta & Kryptic Minds - Cold Blooded [Osiris Music]
10. Killawatt - Anguished Light [Iron Shirt Recordings]
11. Pinch - Swish [Deep Medi Musik]
12. J:Kenzo - Nocturnal Feelings [Tuba Records]
13. Soap Dodgers - Distant [Dub]
14. Truth & Ben Verse - Under Current [Aquatic Lab]
15. Triggy - The Tomorrow People [Dub]
>>> Emika - Drop The Other [Ninja Tune]
16. Bandicoot - Dawn [Mindstep]
17. Percept - Mind Games [Disquiet Mind]
18. Venture - Shadow Of The Night [Night Tracks Dub]
>>> King Midas Sound - Earth A Kill Ya [Hyperdub]
19. Cyrus - The Calling [Deep Medi]
20. Phaeleh - The Cold In You Feat Soundmouse [Afterglo]
21. Mosaix - Throught The Mist [Dub]
22. Biome - Pum Bum [Dub]
23. Dj Madd & Chris Su - No Respect [Black Box]
24. Freeze & Icicle - Foreseen [Osiris Music]
25. Dj Madd - Lightsaber (Sith Mix) [Dub]
26. Thelem - Machine City [Dub]
27. My Nu Leng - Fireflies [Mindstep]
28. V.I.V.E.K - Sirens [Deep Medi Musik]
>>> Benga & Coki - Night [Tempa]
29. Triggy - Untitled Dub [Dub]
30. Lurka & Commodo - Airtight [Black Box]
31. Killawatt - Capa [Wheel & Deal Records]
32. LX One - You [Wheel & Deal Records]
33. Percept - Altered State [Dub]
34. Perverse - Cerberus [Dub]
35. Compa - Cyberolla [Dub]
36. Arkotypes - Impulse [Dub]
>>> V.I.V.E.K - Feel It [Deep Medi Musik]
37. Dr Hugo - Nightfall [Dub]
38. Hatcha & Lost - Albarsha [Sin City Recordings]
39. V.I.V.E.K - Pulse [Deep Medi Musik]
40. Perverse - Aurorae
41. Bassinine - Half Living Thing, Half Machine (Triggy Remix) [Analogic Recordings - Forthcoming]
42. Ben Verse - Wilderness [Wheel & Deal Records]
43. Lysergene - Bring It [Dub]
44. Sykes - Lost In Time [Dub]
45. Triggy - Nature Of Fear Feat Nolene [Dub]