On to big things! (And Free Download!)

First off, I took the plunge and registered night-tracks.com and night-tracks.co.uk so bookmark them now!

Secondly, here is a free download from me, Budeaux. Click the picture to download the track "Big Suburban Life" for free.

Consider this a celebration of today and yesterday, probably the two hottest days of the last month and a half in Birmingham (no comments on yesterdays "Summer is over" post please!). You could say that this is probably the least Night Track-y track you could make, but whatever, I finished it and wanted to do something with it, so there you go.

This one is on a kind of broken-house vibe, tried to experiment with panning a few sounds between the channels to create a more immersive sound, so check it out on a pair of over the head headphones or a decent surround sound system and remember, if you don't like it, you can't complain, because it was free!