Soundcloud Round Up

Phew! Almost forgot to do this week's Soundcloud Round-Up. Anyway, you can finally feel relieved and listen to the best it has to offer over the last week.

Nicolas Jaar - Keep Me There (Phrex Remix)
Another great remix from the German producer Phrex, who explores the 120 bpm area in this track.

Legend4ry - Today's Day
The man known as Legend4ry brings serious funk to Soundcloud with a track at 130 bpm.

C. Norwood - Waking Up Next To You
Next level ambience from C. Norwood here, that almost has a shoegazer-y feel to it.

Burial - Dog Shelter (Essáy's Old Edit)
Amazing edit of Burial's Dog Shelter by the German ambient-house genius Essáy.

Daniel Hoeppner - Living In A Small House
Great deep house from someone I consider to be a real up and comer.

Lysergene - Hammer Fall
Seriously deep, almost tech-y stuff from the Birmingham based dubstep producer here.

AddRift - Selfish Society
Next level track from AddRift, with some neat vocal work too. Keep an eye on him!

Check back next week!