(NT001) Bhava - Immerse Release & Interview

It's exciting times at Night Tracks. Our second release, by Bhava, is ready to come out now, and it's sounding fresh, after being nicely mastered by the guys over at Dubstudio. Again, it's a name-your-price download, so go and get it, by clicking on the artwork below! If you're unsure of the absolute, undeniable quality of these tracks, you can check out the preview too. There's an interview with Bhava that carries on after the break, so he can tell you a little more about it.

NT: Hey man, can we get an introduction from you?
B: I’m James; I produce bass music, dubstep, garage, ect. under the name Bhava.

NT: So you’re releasing on Night Tracks. Can you tell us a little about the two tracks, Immerse and Irradiate?
B: They're two tracks that I made quite a while back now, they came about through me not wanting to make straight dubstep anymore, which is what I had been doing previously.
I felt constrained by my own self imposed dubstep guide lines. However, once I started making tracks, and not really minding about genre, the tunes I started making were a lot more original and interesting, these two are what kick started my current production trend.

NT: Who or where do you take influence from for your productions? A lot of your tracks seem pretty dark.
B: My influences for anything come from what I experience up to that point. So films, music, people, places just about everything, I usually start my tracks with a idea already in my mind, for instance 'Immerse' was based around the idea of running water. I find these kind of abstract ideas can relate quite well to dance music, and give me a direction in which an individual song will go.

NT: Do you have a preferred style of music you like to produce, or do you like to shake it up sometimes?
B: Personally I’ve just been making bass music from 130 to 145 bpm, I try and make my songs sound individual because I hate it when I’m out and every song sounds the same.

In terms of darkness, most of my tunes are on the dark side I’ll admit, I think it’s pretty deep rooted, and stems from my hatred for overly sweet pop that was all the rage when I was a child, I feel music should relate to real life and be an expression of your own life, the way I see it good music can be fun, angry, dark, depressing, mournful, joyous..... But over the top saccharine sweet? Whose real life does that represent?

NT: Aside from your release on Night Tracks, do you have any releases planned?
B: I’ve got a few things in the pipeline and a track called Subtext forthcoming on Clockwise audio.

NT: Finally, if you had to pick your three favourite ‘Night Tracks’, what would they be?
B: I know its pretty un-original but Burial - Street Halo, Synkro - Look At Yourself, Floating Points Ensemble - Post Suite. They're my current top 3 night time chill tracks.

NT: Thanks for your time man! Now, go and bag that release fans!