Interview with J-One & Night Tracks 012: Guest Mix & Free Download

J-One is a producer that has really impressed me since I discovered his music. He’s had releases on Spanish label AvantRoots and Phaeleh’s label Urban Scrumping. His remix of FaltyDL’s “Brazil” far surpassed the mighty original and he’s taken some time out to answer a few questions, and he’s been kind enough to give out a mix and free download.

NT: Hey man, can we get a quick introduction for the people that might not have heard of you yet?
J: My name's Simon Jones, I live in a small seaside town in Kent. I produce music under the name J-One and make web sites for a living. So far I've had releases on Urban Scrumping and Avant Roots.

NT: You’ve released 3 albums (including one for free, big up!) so far. This kind of goes against the grain of a lot of dance music producers, who tend to release 2 tracks at time, even if only digital. What was the thinking behind this?
J: There was never really an initial decision to make an album, but I think it all happened quite naturally. My release 'Fragments' on Urban Scrumping started off as an EP, but the track list was in constant evolution up until release and we had to narrow it down from 15 tracks in the end.

It was nice being able to show all the different styles I produce which I couldn't have done with a 2 track release, but you have to be careful as it could end up sounding really incohesive. I'd definitely like to do some shorter releases next though, it's quite a lot of effort mixing down 12+ tracks at a time!

NT: As I mentioned above, you released a 10 track album for free. Was that just extreme generosity, or are you sitting on a lot of finished tracks?
J: A bit of both really, I've got loads of tracks from the last two years, lots of which I know I probably couldn't find releases for but still want people to hear, so it was a good excuse to get them out there. It's quite nice being able to draw a line under certain tracks too, otherwise you end up with an infinite list of tracks you'd like to one day finish up/mixdown properly. Expect another couple freebies over the next few months as I've still got plenty of tracks from last year to give away.

NT: Your productions seem to have a similar vibe running through them, but they can vary differently, from straight up dubstep to what I’m gonna call garage for the sake of keeping things simple. Who were your main influences on your sound, and do you prefer producing one over the other?
J: I try not to get too caught up in genres and stuff. I like many different styles and sounds and take inspiration from everywhere so I think my sound is just an amalgamation of all of that. I like that so many sounds are crossing over now, by bluring the borders it's keeping things fresh and it's definitely helping people look outside the box a bit instead of sticking with the same formula. I guess as far as preferences go, I can't get enough of making more 2-steppy stuff, just find the drums so much fun to make. It's good to hear that you can hear a similar vibe regardless of style though, there's always the danger of spreading yourself a bit thin and pushing away listeners that are only really feeling one part of the spectrum.

NT: When producing or coming up with ideas, are you ever influenced by location or weather, time of day, etc. or does it just come naturally?
J: Of course, I think they're all a great source of inspiration. I love how music can interact with certain moments that would otherwise be quite forgettable. I'm always walking around with my headphones in, even in the depths of winter, walking down empty streets at night in the pouring rain... by the time I get home, I'll be fired up ready to make some music.

The same goes for spring/summer, when you finally start feeling the warmth from the sun again, it's really uplifting and gets you in a positive mood which always results in a flood of ideas. Location has the same effect, but I've only really experienced that retrospectively. Would love to go travelling with my laptop and make music on the go, would be an endless supply of inspiration.

NT: You’ve released on Phaeleh’s label and collaborated with him too. How did this happen?
J: Basically got talking to him over Facebook around June/July last year. I'd only been introduced to his music a few months prior but he quickly became one of my favorite producers so was quite amazed to get such a positive response back. After sending a couple tunes over we started discussing a release. One track I sent over was a work in progress called 'Spider which he instantly saw potential in, so we decided to make it into a collab which eventually became 'close Your Eyes'. Couldn't have asked for a better person to do a release with though, he puts a lot of time and thought into the Scrumping releases and I've learnt loads in the process of putting the release together.

NT: Any forthcoming releases that you’ve got planned?
J: Nothing at the moment, but I've got quite a lot of music I'd like to find releases for, so fingers crossed. There'll definitely be another free collection in the next month or two also so keep an eye out for that!

NT: Finally, if you had to pick 3 of your favourite “Night Tracks” what would they be?
I think dBridge & Insta:mental's Fabriclive 50 is a perfect night time companion. Burial's entire discography, Untrue rarely left my car during the winter months. Scuba - Before, think that track has night time written all over it (and the rest of Triangulation to be fair).

NT: Thanks for your time man. Check out J-One's Night Tracks mix below, and grab a free download of the exclusive "Don't Get So Close" here.

J-One - Untitled
The Weeknd - What You Want
Jack Dixon - Be There (Cairo remix)
George Fitzgerald - Weakness
Synkro - Look at Yourself
Lex - Fade Away
Tanka - Sabre
Erykah Badu - Window Seat (acapella)
Lex - march2step
J-One - Deep Down
J-One - With Me
Addison Groove - It's Got Me
Buck UK & Mirror State - The Way I've Seen (Sorrow Remix)
Lush - Spatial Love
Floating Points - Sais Dub
Absense - Plz Don't Walk Away
Haack - Lost 2010

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