What's In A Name?

Nothing really, I guess.

Trying to get back into producing, and after years of calling myself Gareth Thomas (my name) I have come to the realisation that there is no less cool name possible, so I set out on a quest to find a new name.

I wanted something entirely unique (or at least that nobody on Soundcloud had) so set about searching. By searching, I meant looking around my room for things to call myself. Had models of the CN and Spinnaker Towers (badman towers, big up!) on my shelf, so thought "Towers" would be a pretty cool name, let me check Soundcloud. Results for People.... 500+. Including one guy straight up called Towers. He's actually pretty good, and has only got 4 followers, so check him out and make some guy from Portland's day.

Came up with a few more ideas, but somebody already had them. Dipped onto google maps to check out my birth endz for inspiration. For anyone interested in where I was born and where I lived 19 years ago, look no further. Then I clocked it, the name of the area. St. Budeaux. I banged "Budeaux" into Soundcloud, and lo and behold, nobody had that name, so I took it.

It's a cool name, because it has an X in it, probably the sickest of all letters, and also because I can convince people I'm French or French-Canadian. Therefore, I'm now producing under the name Budeaux, and you can check me and my mediocre attempts at producing out on Soundcloud now.

I've just uploaded the first track to the account, it's an (attempt) at some slow, organic, ambient house with samples from a lot of random places. Please be gentle haha.