Finally Here... (MTR011) Delete - Predatory Things Of A Minute

I've been pushing through the mysterious clips and videos of a Soviet nature that Russian-based producer Delete sends through for a while now, and the reason for it all is finally revealed, an LP released on the Dutch  label, Mindtrick Records.

Check out the final teaser below, containing the track at the halfway stage of the release, 1937.

It's clear that Delete is a man interested in the storied history of his country, and it reflects in his music. The video above contrasts the stark grimness of day to day life in the USSR, contrasted with the glorious public face the regime used to keep up appearances and this is reflected in the music, which is largely downbeat, at times unnerving, and gives an overall vibe of uncertainty. All this combines to ensure that you're quickly aware of the story Delete wants to tell. Garage this laced in history can't be called future garage, so I'll quote Inofaith and say this is the perfect use of the term "Future Garage from the past".

Either way, it's a real standout album for me.

Check out a preview mix below.

The album consists of eleven original tracks, and a couple of remixes of Remember Us, courtesy of Roof Light and Lostlojic, and fans of physical releases will be happy to know that there's a 12" sampler available with originals Remember Us (with a remix from DFRNT) and Neva (with a remix from VVV). You can grab all formats from the Mindtrick Records store now.