(DATAMOD045) Atsubox - Crossed Roads

This one by Atsubox has been on the cards for a while, so it's nice to see it get a release on Italian label Modulate Recordings this year, if only to ensure that third track "The Feeling's Changed" can cement it's place in the end-of-year "Night Tracks Of The Year" list.

That's not to take away from the other tracks, which I'll come to shortly, but this track is something else. I wrote about it some time back saying that this was the sort of track that could achieve some sort of commercial success if it could find its way into the hands of the right DJ.

Well, it turns out that, for once, I wasn't far wrong with this one, and it's got quite some play time from dubstep superstars Skream & Benga on their Radio 1 show, so hopefully they'll reach some well deserved new ears.

Title track, "Crossed Roads" is a subdued garage affair, verging on ambient, while "Crush" is a more traditional dubstep piece, perfect for fans of Clubroot. However, both tracks feel like they're leading up to "The Feeling's Changed", a track that feels like far too many drums have been forced into too small a space, causing them to crash into each other and stumble over. It's radically different, but it feels so familiar, and coupled with some ultra-emotional sampling, it makes for the impressive duo's best piece so far.

The EP is capped off by a remix from another one of their famous fans, coming courtesy of Boxcutter under his "The Host" guise, changing things up in his ever unpredictable style.

You can grab it now from Beatport, and presumably elsewhere at a later date.