(PSM007) Roof Light/Lostlojic - Pearl/So Much

Let's face it, Roof Light is one of the best out there. No matter what he puts out, it's always different and most importantly interesting. A release on Phutureshock with Roof Light, backed by similarly interesting Ukrainian, Lostlojic? Well that's definitely caught my attention.

The A-Side is a piece by Roof Light, and good luck assigning a genre to this one. It's currently floating around my vinyl shelves as I can't bring myself to put it anywhere. To put it simply, this has a bit of everything in it, up to and including, a bit of slap bass that makes for probably the most danceable tune I've heard from him.

Lostlojic's B-Side is equally difficult to classify, sitting somewhere between garage and footwork, a hazy mixture perfect for a long summer evening.

A great release that'll frustrate the genre-enthusiasts no end. You can grab the vinyl release now.