(PHZ0LV22) Lysergene - Low Voltage 22

Some of you may remember Lysergene from when Night Tracks was just a fledgling music blog, and we got in touch with him for our just our second interview ever. Well, aside from a few free tunes, the Birmingham-based producer has been quiet since then, so it was with joy I received the new release by Phantom Hertz Recordings, "Low Volume 22", produced by Lysergene.

If you've heard his releases on Area Recordings, then you'll have some idea of what to expect. Dark, dynamic music, with plenty of pressure. Opener 'Agra' brings an atmospheric and tense start to the EP, a moment of eerie calm before the weight of the drop, where Lysergene eschews the static, standard "dungeon" bass for bass that shifts and warps, never standing still for a moment, which sets the tone for the rest of the EP, before you reach the closing track "Hammer Fall" which transcends dubstep and becomes the deepest, most immersive soundscape you'll have heard for a while.

Pre-order the release on Digital Tunes now.