Last Night Flavor - My Soul

Last Night Flavour, the combination of Russian duo Bimbotronic and Crispo deliver their second release, following on from their "Lost In Time EP" on Square Harmony, with "My Soul", a two track release that marks the debut for Con Amore Recordings, a sub-label of Soulstep Records.

One thing I admired about their previous release was the intricacy of the drums, that are never fully revealed through the first listen, and "My Soul" is no different. Another thing they do better than many is working with vocalists. Whilst some vocal collaborations can seem forced or awkward, LNF know how to pick those that will compliment tracks that are solid enough as instrumentals without taking away from the vibe, this time picking Arsnova to do the duties.

Check out the previews below.

This is available on Juno and Digital Tunes now.