(PMC102) - Empt - Unfold

I was recently lucky enough to receive a promo copy of the forthcoming release on the ever-impressive Project Mooncircle/Finest Ego by the 20 year old Romanian producer, Empt, titled "Unfold".

As you would expect from anything associated with PMC, this differs from your standard dance or electronic release significantly. Not least by the lengths of the tracks, a lot shorter than the electronic norm, coming in around the magic pop music standard of three minutes, second track "Far" being the exception at 4:39 (and even that seems to be split in two). What's the saying? Something like "better to burn out than to fade away"? 

Empt certainly sticks to that mantra, packing so much intensity into each snippet that if the tunes were to be any longer, they wouldn't make any sense. The tunes know when to leave before overstaying their welcome as such.

Anyone that's aware of Empt already will need to have a greater knowledge of genre names than I do to be able to pin him down, so for fans of music that truly pushes boundaries and forces something new on your ears, I can't recommend it highly enough. Each listen unveils something else, some new layer buried underneath the dripping percussion, some new subtlety to the synth work that previously passed you by.

I'm not sure when this release will really effect you most; On first listen as the intensity of each tune fully washes over you, or on the hundredth, when you might be halfway to figuring out every little intricacy in each track. If you have even a passing interest in the manic works of Rustie, the synth-work of pre-album James Blake or the here-there-and-everywhere properties of Mount Kimbie, then give this release a chance.

One more thing. I challenge you to NOT look over your right shoulder when you hear the motorcycle on "Outro". It's got me every single time.

The release is available on digital and limited chrome cassette (with download code) from June 29th.

Pre-order the digital here or the cassette here.