A Recommendation: Various Artists - Deep Lane (Square Harmony)

Square Harmony, a Russian based label, have compiled a series of tracks from artists that are right up Night Tracks' alley with their Deep Lane release.

Including tracks from the likes of Klatu, Gasface, EPLP, Essay, Detz, Delete, Stiver, Sotus, Ghostek, Depth, Kontigo, Fedbymachines and Module Module, they've managed to put together a compilation that I know will be in my top releases of the year come December.

The 15 track release is packed full of dark, shuffling garage-y gems that flow really well into each other, and aside from some of the more familiar names on there, it forms a list of producers that you should certainly keep an eye out for.

Check out the previews below, and bag it here from Monday 13th February.