A Recommendation: Ak0pian - Fields of Fortune EP (Broken Bubble)

I was lucky enough to receive a promo copy of one of my favourite label's (Broken Bubble) releases, and needless to say, they keep the quality high with this EP from the Italian producer Ak0pian.

This is an album that has a real mish-mash of styles, but never once do you think it's purely for the sake of being different. In 3 minutes, title track and opener "Fields Of Fortune" goes from being a reverb soaked, futuristic-synth shuffle to a laid-back jam without you ever noticing, while "Recognizing" goes almost into some broken-dubstep territory.

However, don't let the subtle-but-many variances fool you, this is an incredibly cohesive release that gets by without being too same-y. All the tracks are underlined with lush ambient soundscapes, that really come to the front on tracks like "Outside The Door".

After the 6 original tracks have finished, there's an added bonus in the form of a percussion-driven remix of the title track by Fedbymachines and an almost eerie slow house take on "Rest To Go" by label boss Cogidubnus.

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(BB14) Ak0pian - Fields Of Fortune will be available from February 13th on the usual digital outlets, including the Broken Bubble bandcamp page, where you can pre-order it now.