First of all, sorry for being a bit on the quiet side in recent times. I've been studying for a qualification for my day job, but I take the exam tomorrow, so expect new interviews, guest mixes and free downloads soon.

Next, I'd like to talk a little about the label side of Night Tracks. When I started this blog in July 2011, I never thought I'd be running a label that has its 4th and 5th releases in the mastering phase already, with at least 4 releases planned after that. As you probably know, the first few releases were name-your-price, and they've had a great reception, so whether you kindly gave us some money or not, thanks very much for the support. However, mastering doesn't come cheap, and I can't afford to keep losing money on each release when there are bills to pay and aims for the future. That's why I've decided to expand things, and you should be seeing Night Tracks tunes in digital stores soon. I'll try and keep things at a competitive price, as you can see if you look at our bandcamp page now. The tracks are £0.75 each, with discounts for buying the whole release. I'm sure you'll agree that £1.25 for an EP is a fair price.

Of course, I will be looking at name-your-price releases in the future, and there will be promotions from time to time to reward all the fans that make doing this worthwhile. Hopefully, I'll get the balance between keeping the fans I've already made and grabbing the attention of new fans right.

For now, check out the next release on Night Tracks from Venture.