First off, let me explain that this isn't going to just be like the thousands of other music blogs that just rehash the same old shit, posting youtube videos of 4 year old tracks and nothing else. I aim to bring you NEW music, interviews with artists/DJ's and hopefully, a few exclusive mixes or tracks.

Ok, whilst I get down to work, here's a mix to keep you occupied.

Night Tracks 008 - Heavyweight 002 by Garethom on Mixcloud


Wrexile - Guilty Bliss (Dub)
SP:MC & Joker D - Bad Dreams (Tempa)
Goli & Ashburner - Field Of Vibrations (Clandestine Cultivations)
Be-1ne - Tube Sound (Area Recordings)
Distance - Weigh Down (Planet Mu)
Torqux - Psychopath (Triggy Remix) (Dub)
Lurka - Prophet (VIP) (Live Beyond)
Compa - Worries (Dub)
Digital Mystikz - Eyez (DMZ)
Shredexx - Silence (Subdepth)
Aftee - Get Down (Dub)
The Others - Africa (Dub Police)
Thelem & Delta Labs - Constrained (Mindstep)
Basic A - Artificial Intelligence (JFK Remix) (Cosmology)