Interview with Bruised Skies & Night Tracks 032: Guest Mix

After a short absence, the interviews are back, and this time it's the turn of Bruised Skies, who's also gave us a guest mix which you can check out at the end of the interview. Read on...

NT: Hey man, can you give us an introduction?
BS: I’m Bruised Skies, I write ambient, downtempo and hopefully emotive music.

NT: It seems a lot of your own tracks are ambient in nature. Have you produced in any other styles?
BS: Before I went under the name Bruised Skies I did really bad acoustic covers of songs that I’d record with a bad camera and post on youtube thinking it was a good idea… it was not. Other than that I’ve always stuck to an ambient style if not pure ambience the use of dense textures and layers of sound.

Bruised Skies - Goodbye

NT: Where did your interest in this style of music come from?
BS: From listening to a song called Like Hearts Swelling by Polmo Polpo, the day I first heard it I listened to it on repeat for hours. Something about its construction with the use of strings looped and effected along side heavy drones; all repeating the same notes but at the same time changing.

NT: When I talk to you, you always seem to be working on a collaboration with someone. Do you prefer to collaborate? Why do you think your style works so well with other producers?
BS: In someways yes, because when a collaboration goes well there is nothing better you come out with music you could never have thought of on your own. I also collaborate a lot because I have a profound love for future garage, witch house and other electronic music.

But I always go with the philosophy of stick to what you're good at, don’t try to be a jack of all trades other wise you’ll just be average at everything. In the case of me an Atsuko he has such a talent when it comes to percussion which is something I really lack, so it’s a very much so give and take deal.

Atsuko & Bruised Skies - End Of Time

NT: Have you had any releases we can pick up? Have you got any releases forthcoming?
BS: On the 20th of February I’m releasing a 4 track EP with Insight Music Promotions, it’ll feature two existing tracks, a remix from LuQus and a new previously unreleased track.

NT: You've put together a mix for us. Can you tell us a little about your selection?
BS: Indeed I have, I put together a list of tracks that I’ve listened to many a time and hopefully you’ll be introduced to a few new names, they’ve all got some beautiful ambient sounds with plenty of emotion behind.

NT: Finally, can you tell us your three favorite "Night Tracks"?
BS: This changes all the time but at the moment I’d have to say.

Ghosts - Open Your Eyes
Hiatus - Nightingale Force Winds
Cloud Boat - Lions On The Beach

NT: Thanks for your time man! Check out Bruised Skies mix below, or download it here!

Crystal Eyes - Miss You
Stumbleine - Aliceband
Ghost Ark - Don’t Let Go
Fedbymachines - Fear
Great Skies - Close To Me
From Fields - I Dream
Spirit Sisters - Up
Sina - Remembrance
Wolf Maps - Weathered
Bruised Skies - I’ve Seen Things
Walton Hoax - Exit Strategy (Sorrow Remix)
Ewan Limb - Mleko
Adele - Someone Like You (Ghost Ark Remix)
Sorrow and Shura - Thinking of You
Bruised Skies Feat Atsuko - The Moon Ignites the Sea