Sorrow - Dreamstone

When I first heard that Sorrow had an album being released on Monotreme Records, I simply spat a greeny at my screen and refused anything to do with Night Tracks for three weeks. After a while, I decided that purely for the sake of the readers, I should check it out...

Sorrow, despite completely turning his back on Birmingham, has gained quite a reputation as someone that you can rely on for top-notch skeletal, garage infused jams. Like Burial, but ruder and does more tracks with the vocalist CoMa. However, lately, he's been putting out a few grime pieces as part of the 8-bar revival led by the likes of Kahn. If, as he is known to do, he turns his back on his previous sound, then this album is a perfect parting gift. 

The album starts on a slow vibe, the likes of Elixir and Moodswing warming you up for the harder hitting tunes, such as the head nodder Maelys, which will fit in at your indie barbecue or whatever shit you get up to, just as much as it would soundtracking a walk around a deserted city at night. Supernova made me pull a face. It's sick. There's a bass bit that goes "waah wim womp womp wim", it's so sick, and probably as grimy as this album gets. Worth buying it just for that bit in my opinion.

Flowerchild is the rudest tune with "Flower" in the title since Sweet Female Attitude blew the roof of Rosies in Solihull with "Flowers" about three years ago. With vocals that sit somewhere between ethereal female-ghost and late 90's girl-next-door and the best drums on the LP, it's my highlight.

Whilst he's well known for his drums, gotta praise him up for his work on the strings too. Making strings as sublime as this work with the basses and vocal samples he uses has something that's been attempted and failed at by lesser producers.

Also got a give a fat shout out to Monotreme Records for putting out a top quality package at a more than reasonable price too. I picked up the black and white marbled vinyl with the CD. Also came with a free download, some stickers, a CD of tunes released by the label, and some badges that I used to put on my satchel and pretended I was 15 again. Should be proud. You can check out the other options here.