Federsen - Point Reyes (Fifth Interval)

Californian Techno-Lord Federsen has took the plunge and set up his own label, Fifth Interval, and he's kicking things off with a 12" of his own.

The A-Side, Point Reyes, is techno at it's finest. If you're expecting some hyped up Blawan, warehouse banger, think again, because what you get is something far more subtle, delayed chords and reverb and a perfect blend of mechanical function and organic vibes, a prime example of dub techno. Something that isn't gonna melt your face or destroy your chest, but something that's warm and enveloping, that can hold your attention for eight and a half minutes straight. If you're a fan of Sven Weisemann, you'll rate this, guaranteed.

On the flip is 50 Hz, the original, and a remix from Isodyne. This one eschews the Berlin feels of the A-side for more of a stepper's vibe, dusty hats and big bass drops galore, while the remix is a syrupy, cavernous take.

The 12" is being distributed by RWDFWD, and will be available there soon.