Mokujin & Lil Fewcha - Urban Opus EP (ENDPR012)

The excellently curated net label founded by Sangam and RHH, Endless Plains Records, rightfully pride themselves in being able to reach to all corners of the world and convince lesser known artists to put their trust in them. For their 12th release, they reached out to Berlin to grab this sublime collaboration between Lil Fewcha and Mokujin.

Those expecting warehouse-oriented, spaced out techno heavy on reverb will be disappointed/surprised (delete as applicable) to find that Berlin also clearly holds producers capable of producing pure UK Garage too, a wonder made possible due to the internet age, and maybe a little due to Mokujin hailing from North London.

If the tunes of Burial et al are considered a ghostly representation of the hardcore continuum, then the Urban Opus EP should be considered more of a poltergeist, punching right through the veil that shrouds the tunes of their peers to leak ectoplasm straight from 1999 all over your general face area. 

Sure, there's the ambient soundscapes, and excellent use of atmosphere (none more-so than on Urban Opus 3) but at the heart of this release are tunes that take the best parts of the slew of timeless, commercial garage hits, and repackage them in a worn-out, bleak shell of long form tracks that perfectly suit Endless Plains' aesthetic.

You literally cannot complain at getting 30 minutes of that for absolutely nothing.

Pick it up over at Endless Plains' Bandcamp page.