Federsen - Voodoo Gourds (NC004)

I'm a fan of cassettes, and that's in no small part down to labels like No Corner. Any format which takes away the ability to skip and ignore the music in its intended format is fine by me, and it's necessary for releases like Voodoo Gourds by San Franciscan, Federsen.

The genius behind Echo Relics on Canadian label Silent Season has emerged again for 90 minutes of the best techno you'll hear committed to tape this year.

The A-side kicks off cruising through streets basked in an orange glow and the long shadows of a setting sun, before stretching out fully into the territory of night. Between then and the B-side, something changes.

The upbeat vocal snippets disappear, the warm, inviting bass morphs into something more frantic and harder hitting and the percussion, stripped back to the bare minimum, rattles around in a disjointed fashion. Even the brief lulls quickly give away to the impending bleak dread, that plays out into a dubby finish to bring a little comfort right at the end.

If a consistent yet varied tape of dub-techno with a Night Tracks vibe doesn't grab your attention from my attempt at a description alone, then I've got one more weapon to pull out the bag...

Bam. That is one fucking cool looking tape G. 

Grab it from RWDFWD now.