Night Tracks Of The Year - 50-41

So, another year is over, and if you're as obsessed with lists as I am, then you'll thrive on music websites around this time, as you can disagree with just about every recommendation made in an ordered and ranked format. Anyway, after a lot of thought, here are my top fifty tracks of the year, today we're on numbers 50-41. Disagree away....

50. Last Night Flavour - Lost In Time (Square Harmony)
From Lost In Time EP

This one from the Russian duo of Crispo and Bimbotronic was emotional. Overtly emotional almost (that break of silence before the drop is a heartbreaker), and marked off ANOTHER top release from solid web label Square Harmony.

49. Monolake - Afterglow (Imbalance Computer Music)
From Ghosts

Arguably the standout piece from his album Ghosts, "Afterglow" is a spacious, weighty piece that refused to be defined by genre. What else can you expect from someone like Monolake?

48. Olaf - Night Train (Free Download)
From Soundcloud

This nocturnal piece of garage was a big hit with me from the moment I heard it, and the young producer from the Netherlands crafted a solid tune that is driven along by those tight, almost funk-based guitar sounds.

47. SPD - Sargent Chambers (Slime Recordings)
From Tunwan EP

This tune was a deconstructed garage beauty, and part of a trend for stripped-to-the-bone emotional garage that I couldn't get enough of. Marked a real high point for future garage and bass music mainstays Slime Recordings too.

46. Cogidubnus - The Future Boards Of Cheadle (Broken Bubble)
From Memorabilia

An "Alberto Balsam"-esque piece of experimental greatness from Broken Bubble's head honcho, The Artist Formerly Known As Cogidubnus, who displayed in one track just about everything that makes him and his label one of the most important things in the underground.

45. Alteria Percepsyne - Moth Heaven (Self Released)
From Mydriatic

The opener from her last album under the Alteria Percepsyne moniker was an atmospheric looped piece, simple in nature, but a sign that this album wasn't going to be as rigidly techno based as her previous releases.

44. Absnt - Channeling (Crummy Kids Recordings)
From Drained 

If there was one release this year that truly flew under the radar, it was Absnt's Drained on Finnish label Crummy Kids Recordings, so I've gotta give thanks to our very own Taavi for the heads up on this meaning I managed to grab one of the 75 cassettes. "Channeling" was the highlight.

43. Sangam & Bruised Skies - Signs (Free Download)
From Soundcloud

The two masters of ambient joined forces on what was one of their finest moments in 2012 with this stark and touching piece that showed emotional music could be made without metallic snares and woodblock drums to drive things forward.

42. Volor Flex - Fake Love (Dark Clover)
From My Story

Everyone's favourite self-admitted Burial tribute returned with a second album this year, My Story, a collection of tunes that weren't quite as indebted as 2011's Tramp and he seemed to have stepped it up a gear, as the bass on "Fake Love" is sublime.

41. The Flatliners - Raw Fi Dub (45Seven)
From Tread This Land/Raw Fi Dub

One of the most recent pieces on the list, this one comes courtesy of The Flatliners on what is shaping up to be an amazing label, 45Seven, releasing tunes like this; Raw, dubbed out and drenched in reverb and delay. Gets my vote any day of the week. 

Keep your eyes peeled for 40-31 next time! Big up!