Night Tracks Of The Year - 40-31

Part two of our "Night Tracks of the Year". If you missed the first part, check out 51-40 now.

40. Scharlach - Make Me Feel (Free Download)
From Soundcloud

The man from Berlin, Scharlach, straight up made on of the best all garage tunes of the year, summoning sample after sample to take part in his speed garage masterpiece.

39. Macka feat. Raevennan Husbandes - Sirens For King's (Broken Bubble)
From Spirals

Broken Bubble commissioned a stunning piece from Macka that works best an album, but wasn't lacking in tracks that could stand on their own. Knowing when to tease something more from Husbandes' vocals and when to leave them be was the key to this tune's appearance on the list. And no, "King's" isn't a grammatical error...

38. Fontaine - No Cure (Gradient Audio)
From Corridors

Top producers Hotel Child and EPLP teamed up for this release on Gradient Audio, with flavours of both shining through in this piece which is representative of what the dancefloor should REALLY sound like.

37. Delete - Neva (Mindtrick Records)
From Predatory Things Of A Minute

Another release that stood better as an album, although it's clear why this "Neva" was chosen for a debut vinyl release for the mysterious Russian producer. Chock full of subtleties and lush vocal samples, this is a must have for anybody that's a fan of the Burial-esque sounds.

36. Old Apparatus - Chicago (Sullen Tone)
From Realise

Old Apparatus went into overdrive this year with the collective releasing four pieces on their new label, Sullen Tone. "Chicago" was the one for me, a moving piano-led piece that showed that (what could be loosely described as) dubstep had plenty of life left in it.

35. Sangam - Inadequate Levels (Free Download)
From Soundcloud

Sangam could do no wrong this year. Whilst some will know him more for his ambient pieces, "Inadequate Levels" was the king of his percussive-led tracks. Simple in nature, loops upon loops, but deep and hypnotising nonetheless.

34. Patterns In Plastic - Balloons Don't Always Fly (Self Released)
From Balloons Don't Always Fly

Sitting somewhere between Radiohead and Burial, Newcastle's Patterns In Plastic put out this stunning piece before commissioning an equally stunning remix album later in the year. At times it feels like there's nothing there, which only heightens the impact the tune has as it flows over you.

33. Dusk, Blackdown & Unknown Artist - High Road (Keysound)
From High Road

While a lot of the focus was unfortunately on the unknown third artist (who I presume is Burial, but I have a suspicion otherwise), it was kind of overlooked that Dusk and Blackdown are both amazing producers with a lot of fresh ideas. This piece of dark, mechanical garage was one of their best yet.

32. Ghostek - My Lady (Shipwrec)
From Easy Changes

Dutch label Shipwrec managed to lock down four of Ghostek's best tunes yet to a single, amazing 12" EP, with the most devastating piece being "My Lady", breathy drums and distant vocals overlapping over pummeling bass for full sensory indulgement.

31. Desolate - Risen (Fauxpas Musik)
From Celestial Light Beings

Fauxpas Musik could do no wrong this year, and getting Sven Weisemann back for a second album as Desolate was a decision that couldn't lose. In "Risen" he manages to twist a standard FL Studio pad into a loose, techno-oriented take on the Burial sound.

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