Free Album - Sangam - Swallowed Into The Abyss

I'm a complete Sangam fanboy. 100%. I'm so pleased he contacted me, offering to put out an ALBUM, entirely for free. It's a release of ten of his older ambient pieces, and I think I've played just about every one of them in mixes, so you might recognise some of them.

It's the perfect weather for it, pretty much the whole UK has been swamped in fog for the last two days, so I had to drop it now. These tunes are burnt out, bleak, but uplifting pieces of music for a city. Check it out.

I contacted the man himself for a few words...

"Big up Night Tracks. Just wanna say a major thanks to all the producers/fans taking time out of their day to sit down and listen to my music. It's such a pleasure to come home every day and connect with a new listener or producer respect to them out there!

I wrote these tracks on late nights spread throughout the year, each piece has a memory, so I hope you can relate to the sound I'm bringing out of each track."

So grab it now. Click here or on the artwork below... Peace.

Design: T. Kelle
Photography: L. McArthur