(BHR05) Valiska & Mhva - Music On Hold

I was recently lucky enough to be sent a tape from Black Hymn Records, for their first physical release, a stunning collection of five tracks from the Canadian Valiska and the Norwegian Mhva.

This is a bleak, harsh, almost-shoegaze-at-times ambient tape that can't be picked at. Sit down and enjoy the whole thing in one listen. Check out a preview below.

The tunes are pretty visceral, and it feels like they've been constructed to fall apart at their climax. It's a great showcase of the respective producer's works, and credit has to go to Black Hymn for making this happen, as they've picked tunes that are perfect for cassette.

It comes out on October 1st and will be available as a digital release, but I can really recommend shelling out a few quid on the cassette. You'll be glad you did. 

Grab it from the Black Hymn Bandcamp Page.