Q&A Over On Dubstep Forum

Over on Dubstep Forum, I was contacted by the pleasantly named idontreallygiveashit about the ins and outs of running a label. Anyway, it was turned into an informal question and answer session that we agreed to make public.

Night Tracks is a young label, just barely a year old, but has already formed a distinctive and fresh outlet for new music and artists. Pushing a familiar yet unique sound, each release has something special to offer in the world of dark, dreamy garage. The founder and owner is Gareth, a 22 year old software tester who runs the label from the outskirts of Birmingham.

1.) How would you describe the Night Tracks output?
(Hopefully) A musical mixed bag that makes a lot more sense in certain environments than others.

2.) How did the initial idea of Night Tracks come about?
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