Hotel Child - Abbot

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Design & Photography by T. Kelle

This one comes courtesy of The Artist Formerly Known As Runamucker™, Hotel Child backed with a remix by EPLP.

This tune has been in the works for some time, but I needed to pick the prime time to release it, so you could enjoy the vibes to their full potential. This is definitely one for the summer nights, a choppy RnB vocal sat over shuffling (sort of) house drums and blissful pads. The remix, on the other hand, is another beast altogether. I'm struggling to explain it. For those that ever tuned their cars to Wildstyle Radio on GTA: Vice City, I'll tell you, it would fit in perfectly on there. It's a bit of a change in direction for EPLP, but it's definitely a positive move.

Major thanks to all those buy and support.