Catching Up With Venture... (Free Download)

We took some time to catch up with Night Tracks stalwart, man like Venture when we managed to catch him for a rare moment where he wasn't slinging rock or just generally gangbanging in the ends. As he is immensely kind, he also chose to give away a free tune, a collaboration with Crimean. Read on...

NT: So Venture, how's things?
V: I'm good thanks. I have got a bit of a dodgy back at the moment though, pretty sore from time to time, getting old I think.

NT: What have you been up to lately, music-wise? Any new releases?
V: Production wise I've been very quietly lately, had a bit of a rest. My desire to produce just comes and goes in waves, so when I'm on it, expect to see like three to five new tunes up on the cloud. But at the moment, the new football season has started, so that has priority. I have just recently put out my 3rd album though, it's a collection of tunes I had lying around, so I decided to bunch them up and put them out for free.

NT: Anything planned in the near future?
V: Plans for the future... I have a couple of releases forthcoming I believe, but the majority of labels are real long bods. They pester you to write something, sign it, and then don't bother contacting you for months, especially Night Tracks (nah, you're the best). 

So there's a couple of one track releases on some charity/channel compilations, one or two two-track EP's, and a fourth album which ironically was written and finished off at the end of last year, just waiting for the label to release it, which will be towards the end of the year. You'll most likely notice it sounds quite different to my recent stuff, as it's much older material.

NT: So, tell us a little about your collaboration with Crimean? How did it come about? Will you be working together more in the future, or was this a one off?
V: Well, I've been a big fan of Crimean, since I first discovered him, and he's definitely a big influence on my sound. We'd been speaking here and there, I'd sent him some sample drafts, and then when he finally found the time, we got started. I wouldn't rule out collabing with him again, but I find collaborating incredible difficult, I prefer to work alone, but who knows.

NT: Who are you enjoying listening to at the moment? Anything you're looking forward to?
V: I listen to a wide variety of stuff, so it's hard to narrow it down. The one main person though would have to be ZiD. Jay's one amazing producer, all his music really captures my attention, it's very emotive and moving. I'm not as on the ball with music and future releases as I used to be, but I am looking forward to the new Bat For Lashes album, which is out in October, I believe.

NT: Big up, and thanks again for the free tune, which you plebs can grab by clicking here (if you're on a Mac, you might need to add '?dl' to the end of the link), or on the artwork below.

Thanks to Taavi & Lucy for the artwork.