(PHZLV0025) Forensics Presents - Low Voltage Volume 25

When it comes to the deep, dark and dangerous side of dubstep, I know I can always trust Phantom Hertz to deliver, so naturally, I was pretty excited to receive a copy of their forthcoming compilation release, Low Voltage Volume 25, presented by Forensics (who you might remember put a guest mix together for us not so long ago).

Anyway, once I clocked the tracklist, I knew this was gonna be a good one, starting off with the first of Krytikal's tunes on the release.

Let me tell you a little about Krytikal. Apart from being an all round dude, he's one of the (if not THE) most underrated producers working with the traditional 140 sound in dubstep today. His drums are next level, and you'll struggle to find anyone that matches them, his bass is clean, but more importantly, it's the little atmospheric stabs and touches that really make his tracks. 'Cleric' is a prime example of this, while his other piece 'Encounters' is an older track from him, with a reverb-y dubbed out feel to it. Keep your eye on him because there really should be more from him out there.

There's another local producer that makes an appearance on the release, Lysergene, who brings two of his hardest, most warped pieces to date to the table, in the form of 'Elephant Baba' and 'Cairo'.

There's also tunes from the likes of Gyu, Zoobi, Infra, Digid, man like Trashbat and Forensics himself that make this a compilation well worth some of your hard (or not so hard) earned pennies.

Bag the release in all the usual places on August 6th.