1 Year Old Today...

Happy Birthday to us! Night Tracks is one year old today!

Honestly can't believe how far things have come in just a year. On July 26th 2011, I signed up to blogger, and wrote the first post on a blog that I honestly couldn't see getting past a few posts. However, with a few interviews to get things going, I noticed people starting to read. And then more. And then some more. It's not like I think I've defined a movement or whatever here, but I think I just managed to start writing about music that a lot of people were looking for, but is massively under-represented in the world of electronic music.

I was getting sent so much music that the logical choice was to put the very best of this out, and I started a name-your-price net label, and we put out an album by Venture for our first release, and again, things snowballed onwards, and we're now in the planning stages for our eight release, with plenty more lined up.

Sometime between then and now, a Finnish guy got in contact with me, asking if he could design a header for the blog for a portfolio of work. After we got talking some more, we decided he would take on all responsibility for the artwork for the label and blogs, which seems to have garnered universal praise from our fans.


As a way of thanks for your continued support, we decided to put together a release of some of our older tunes for you. 

One tune is by me, Budeaux, the first tune I ever put on Soundcloud, called "Goodbye". I've lost the project file now, so it was lucky I had a WAV available. I know a fair few of you gave really good feedback on this one, so I hope you enjoy it. The other tune is by the design wizard, Kelle, and it's another first. The first tune he ever sent to me, titled, "Love". I've played this tune so much, it still has the same impact now as when I first heard it, and hopefully you'll feel the same.

You can grab it from Bandcamp as a name-your-price download by clicking the artwork below, or clicking here.

(BDAY001) Budeaux & Kelle - Night Tracks Birthday #1
A - Budeaux - Goodbye
B - Kelle - Love
Photo by L. McArthur
Design by T. Kelle

You can also listen into July's Night Tracks Showcase with Ting on Rood FM from 10-12 pm tonight. Check out the time where you are by clicking here now.

I think it's time for some serious thanks to everybody who has helped us go from a hastily assembled blogger template to a site that has hundreds of readers every day from all around the world, and a label that's doing pretty well as far as fledgling digital electronic labels go.

First off, thanks to those that have entrusted me with putting out your music. Big up to Dan, James, Joe, Will, Ian, Joey, Thomas, Alex, Jerms and Charles. Hope that I've done what you'd expect from a label.

Next, thanks to those that were kind enough to give away their creative works for free, so out to Dan, Simon, Cieran (and of course, thanks for his ongoing mix series!), Louis, Will, Gracie, Sangam, Jerms, Delete, Jake, Johnny, Zelda, and Ghost Ark. Also thanks to those with free stuff coming, peace Peter, Chris and Tristan.

Thanks to all those that took the time to take part in an interview or produce a guest mix for us, and help us learn a little more about them. Big up Ollie, Gordon, Dan, Simon, Deji, Cieran, Jamie and Yung-E, Lewis, Donald & Micah, Tyler, Christian, Henry, Louis, Nic, Will, Gareth, Owen, James, Jack, Tobias, Joey, Ben, Dave, Gracie, Tom and Jamie, Mike, Matthew, Tom and Dom, Sangam, Krystian, Jerms, Delete, Guy, Johnny, Jon, Kevin, Arthur and begrudgingly, Simon. 

Thanks to all the guys at Pixelatique, Life Crushed, Sub Radar, Future Astronauts, RDKL, etc. that have ever helped spread the word about our releases. Thanks also go to Phil for giving me a break on radio, and to Laura for giving me a regular slot on your show. Immense big ups.

Big up to all the badmen at Movement in Birmingham.

Of course, huge thanks to Taavi, who I think really helped Night Tracks step up into something serious, and of course to Lucy for her sick photography, and of course, to my girlfriend, back in day when we didn't have  graphics students to help us out.

Out to everyone who's ever read and been interested, and even those who read once and decided to sack this site off forever.