Olaf - Nocturne EP

If you've followed us from the early days, then you'll know that I think nocturnes are pretty bad boy, both artistic and musically, so if you're gonna step up and call your EP the "Nocturne EP" then you best be bringing some seriously nocturnal vibes. This one is about as nocturnal as five owls, so I'll continue.

This one is by Olaf, a young producer from Utrecht, who, like many others before him has decided to use Bandcamp to his advantage to give you all a little taster of his music, which I can only describe as "The xx gone Garage". His work on this EP makes extensive use of tightly strung guitar notes, even getting into some disco-esque territory on "Night Train", while the atmosphere and drums are smothered by a layer of fog, which only makes the melodies shine brighter when they arrive.

The highlight for me is definitely closer, "This Kind Of Sadness", where it feels like all the light of the guitars and piano has fallen away into a truly nocturnal state.

You can download the whole release for a minimum of €1 over at Olaf's Bandcamp page now. Go go go.