Alpenglow - One More Time

Bristol's Alpenglow has dropped a treat for you, in the form of "One More Time", a name-your-price download over on his Bandcamp page.

If you liked EPLP's release on Night Tracks, then you may remember that he collaborated with man like Alpenglow on the track "Blue Evening", and you'll know he's worth checking out.

A-side "One More Time" is a breaky, quite laid back, slow-building roller, whereas flip side "Last Call" is the polar opposite.

Alpenglow - One More Time

His bio says he "loves to try as many different types of music as possible and produce just about whatever he feels like at the time, from Dubstep to Drum n Bass, Hip Hop to Skweee." I know he's not alone in writing a biography like that, but listening to "Last Call" you get the feeling he was feeling all of them at the same time. However, the track doesn't sound crowded, and the combination works well.

Well worth dropping a few pennies on!