Today we're lucky enough to get the producer Gasface in for a few words, and it makes for interesting reading. Not only that, you're even luckier as he's kindly given away a free exclusive tune, 'The Hemingway', a slower-than-usual, incredibly deep roller with Gasface's trademark bass pressure, which you can grab at the end.

NT: Hey man, can we get an introduction for those that don't know Gasface yet?
Hi guys, my names Jermaine, I'm from London and I'm 29 years young, I produce Future Garage under the name of GASFACE.

Gasface - Love Don't

NT: So, tell us, how long have you been producing? Why did you first start?
Well I'd say I've only been producing music for just over a year now, but previous to that I must of spent about a year learning how to use a DAW, experimenting with FX, and just trying to figure out what elements of a track work together. I've never had a music production lesson in my life, so it was a case of trial and error. I'd spend hours watching videos on YouTube, to see what a Reverb, Filter or Delay was, cos I was totally clueless.

I started to make beats because it was a natural progression for me from Dj'ing I guess.
Alot of people try to make that step from spinning tunes to production, I just wish I'd have made that step many years ago.

NT: Does being in London, the spiritual home of near enough every electronic scene to come out of the UK, have any influence on your work? There must've been plenty of opportunities, how did you get into the sound you now create?
Yea, being from London has definitely helped me out. Electronic music is right on my doorstep, we have the Notting Hill Carnival every year, which is a whole mash up of Electronic music, plus we have had some of the best Pirate stations pushing the Garage scene since the 90's.
I'd be locked into Freek 101.8 Fm everyday getting that buzz from the old skool garage tunes they played.
I've never stopped listening to garage, even when it faded away for a bit. So when it came to production, I just wanted to make what I've always loved, and it just so happened that Future Garage pretty much replaced the sound of the old garage we all knew.
I'm just "Rolling with the times"

NT: Who or what influences what you do musically, from the musical world and beyond?
Influence on my music has to be sounds like Anthill Mob - Things Just Started. I love the drum percussion from the 4/4 garage days, the energy they give off whilst working and mingling together like a machine is something I really miss and could relate too, even though my beats are predominately 2-step, I still try to incorporate that shuffle and groove from that era in my productions today. As for the choral, strings and bass in my tracks, the influence has to be drawn from classical music and Timberland's track, Kill Yourself.
Ever since I was around the age of 8, I've listened to classical music, a lot of my friends think I'm weird because I go to the Proms. What's wrong with going to the Proms? I think they're weird for not being able to feel the depths and emotions flowing through classical music.

Another source of inspiration for me, was Graffiti. When I was a teen, I'd spend most nights walking in the shadows of London's streets, either solo or with other artists alike. I'll never forget some of the places I've been or tunnels I've walked through in the early hours of darkness. It's a real lonely place at times, you feel like your the only person alive on the planet, so it's easy for me to relay them feelings through my music.

Gasface - Not Alone Anymore

NT: Can you tell us a little about the track you've chosen to give away?
Yeah sure, the track I built for the give away is called "The Hemingway". It's slightly different to my usual tracks, with a much slower BPM. I was in a strange frame of mind when I sat down to build the track, had mad stuff going on in my life that week, causing me deviate slightly from my traditional Gasface sound.

"The Hemingway" is more of a journey track, something to kick back and listen to after a bad day, or if you have crap going on in your life, it's an escape, an easy listen to help your mind float away. I tried to leave intrusive vocals out, and keep the percussion in the background, with the 4/4 kick carrying the weight of the track. I won't go into detail with who or what The Hemingway is though, LOL.

NT: Are any of your tracks available for people to grab anywhere? What have you got planned for the future?
There's quite a few of my tracks available for download on my soundcloud page.

In the coming weeks I should have a few more tracks up, I'm working on a collaboration three track EP with Module Module, to be released on Square Harmony. I also have collaborations with other producers, such as Delete, another one with Mono Mental released on DubPorn, and one with Detz.
There will also be a track of mine that's totally exclusive for DJ Ting on her latest mix for MindStep, so make sure you have listen to it when it's out. I'm also involved in something for you guys at Night Tracks, that's due around winter time I believe. It should be a good collection of tunes, as there's some really good producers set for the track list.

I think the next step for me will be to build up a library of Future Garage, get back into my mixing, and help push the sound of Future Garage onto fresh ears.

NT: Thanks for your time man! Now, bag the free track we spoke about, 'The Hemingway' below, by clicking the artwork, or clicking here.