A Change...

Quite frankly, it's time things changed. Night Tracks makes very little money, and I am very poor, and you could probably work out that this is not a good combination. Fortunately, last week I was contacted by Jamie Palumbo from the Ministry of Sound with a view to sponsoring the blog, and changing things to focus weekly on a different emerging "EDM" scene around the world.

This week, it's Donk.

Blackout Crew - Put A Donk On It

This is by Blackout Crew, the standout hit by the boys from Bolton, and one you've probably already heard, a gateway for many fans around the world. Donk, the prodigal child of the Bouncy/Scouse House scenes is ready to take off far outside the boundaries of north west England. However, for those that long for the halcyon days of underground donk, YouTube is packed with Donk goodies.

Mole - The Devil

Some locales have been quicker to take to the scene, and Russia to donk could be described as the equivalent of Bristol to Dubstep, or Birmingham to Bassline. However, far from nodding your head in a dark and dank basement, the scene is more vibrant and spontaneous as is demonstrated by this below video. Street crews of this type have sprung up all over Russia, in the vein of the Footwork crews of Chicago and Detroit. Check it out.

In the age of producers jumping between scenes whenever is fashionable, how long till Donk takes off amongst the underground that would've previously rejected it?

Gareth @ Ministry of Sound

Next week, Dutch House.