Sean Byrd - Always Was

After the 5-Foot Nothing release the other day, it seems nothing can stop the 'releases-that-are-dnb-and-I-like' train now.

This a release from Plastic Sound Supply, based in Denver, Colorado, and is an eight-track EP packed with lush, immersive atmospheres and drums that prove there's still innovation in the scene. The producer is Sean Byrd, based in Atlanta, Georgia and is apparently a professional composer and odds are you've heard some of his work on TV. His talent shows here, and for me, it's a tie between opener 'Always Was' and the more ambient piece 'What To Say' for a highlight.

Even better news for those quick off the mark is that you can grab it as a free download from here until March 19th. You can also stream the whole album if I haven't done enough to convince you already.