On Ghostek...

From Ghostek's facebook page

"hello guys, my name is Arthur and i'm from Russia. i have another two projects
http://soundcloud.com/rushd i'm just bored with this future garage sound i've been working with for the last 18 months and i want to move in another direction. so i want to apologize to all you guys who supported me through all this time. thank you and here's a free tune for you!"

My man Ghostek has been a serious inspiration to me since I first heard his stuff, and he's probably one of a handful of people that there would be no Night Tracks without. Forget the Burial comparisons, anyone who listens to him seriously can easily tell a Ghostek track, and getting to open my first DJ set with his remix of Excision's 'Subsonic' on vinyl was seriously sick. Dark, moody garage has never been done so well, and while I'm sure we'll hear from him again, but for now, you should definitely check out his other guises, Rush'd and Educated Fool. Peace.