Interview with Sangam & Free Tune

I came across a guy fairly recently on Soundcloud who goes by the name Sangam, and I've been hooked on his tunes since. After he sent me the most hench promo pack ever, I decided to get in touch with him about an interview. He's kindly put together a tune to give away with the interview, so make sure to bag that. Read on and see what he's got to say...

NT: Hey man, give those that don't know you yet an introduction.
S: Big up Night Tracks, I'm Sangam, a producer from Manchester

NT: How long have you been producing? Why did you start?
S: I've been producing for just about over a year. I make music late at night and I tend to play around with lots of pads and synths, sample a lot of stuff I find on youtube, movie soundtracks and that. Basically started making music at night just to get stuff out my head that I see in reality and the more I keep making it, I feel like I'm expressing a different side to me.

Sangam - Inadequate levels

NT: I notice that your location on Soundcloud is, quite cryptically, 'North', but I've also noticed that you sample London-based artists a few times. I guess the question is, to what extent are you influenced by your immediate surroundings, if you are at all?
S: I'm influenced by a lot of London producers, definitely, I'm mostly influenced by Britain itself especially if I'm in a rough area late at night. If you ever get a chance to think about what goes on behind them closed doors, well, I get this sense of hurt, depression. That's where most of my ambient work comes from

NT: More musically, who do you draw inspiration from? I know you produce quite a lot of ambient stuff too, is there anybody that particularly influences those productions?
S: Musical influences, gotta say Tim Hecker is the big one for me, massive fan of his work, and most of the producers I follow on Soundcloud

Sangam - Bus Shelter

NT: Tell us a little about what you've got coming up. Any releases we should look out for? Are you involved in music outside of production?
S: Got an LP with Atsuko entitled ''Tomodachi'' coming out later this year on Prospekt Records. Then a cheeky lil' EP from Me and Retral to follow. I will also have my solo EP later this year on Prospekt Records.
There's also a track called ''Passion'' that is available for free over at Warminal. They just put out an amazing complication called 'Rough Vision'. If you're liking my tunes just keep checking Soundcloud, I'm always uploading stuff, lots of free downloads.

NT: Can you give us a few words on the tune you've chosen to give away?
S: This tune ''Imminent'' just reflects on the future, on what's going to happen. Life's deep at a young age, who knows what the world'ss gonna be like and only the younger generation can make things change. 

NT: Finally, can you pick your three favourite 'Night Tracks'?
S: Tim Hecker - In The Fog
Bloc Party - Where Is Home (Burial Remix)
Aphex Twin - Rhubarb 

NT: Thanks for your time man! Bag Sangam's tune 'Imminent' below by clicking on the artwork.