Interview with Forensics and Guest Mix

There are plenty of people out there working hard to give dubstep a bad name, and plenty of people willing to buy into it. But for those that think it's become all about the wub, and not about the sub, then look no further than Forensics, who drops in with a guest mix for us today. Check it out.

NT: Dubstep obviously plays a big part in your life. What came first, DJing or Producing? How did you get into it in the first place?
F: Wasn’t really into electronic music until I was about 18. A friend got me going out to jungle/dnb nights, and then got me into mixing the stuff. That was 1998. Didn’t start trying to produce anything until I got into dubstep, in late 2003/early 2004. More specifically, getting Horrorshow by Loefah on vinyl is what inspired me to really try and be a dubstep DJ (and then producer). Seeing Plasticman (Plastician) at the first Subloaded in Bristol was also a big inspiration.

Forensics & Be-1ne - Lighthouse

NT: You’re most famously known for the type of dubstep, that for want of a better word has become known as the ‘Dungeon Sound’.. That sound seems to have come in for a bit of stick recently, but it seems you’re able to constantly find life in it. Have you got any response to the critics?
F: I don’t know what the critics are saying, so not really. Can’t say that I’m into the ‘dungeon’ sound as such. I’ve always liked deep dark minimal dubstep the best, and am just grateful to see that there’s finally a market for it again. Or more to the point, it inspires me to carry on doing what I’m doing too see so many talented people putting their skills to the kind of dubstep I really like again. There’s a lot of grating, boring shite being made too – as with any scene – and don’t get me wrong, I’m no scenester. I just continue to get something from making/playing this kind of music. And yeah, I don’t have time/inclination to find out what people are saying about it. I’m a pretty insular person in general to be honest.

Forensics & Grooki - Spirits

NT: What have you got planned for Forensics in the near future?
F: Lighthouse with Be-1ne is forthcoming on Dub Injektion, Emperor with king slaFF & Spirits with Grooki are forthcoming on Phantom Hertz (on two different releases)…. Just started a track with Lysergene. And there’s a God’s Hands remix release on the way, which will feature some of my other favourite dubstep artists right now. In terms of solo stuff, I’ve just started back up after a 6 month break. Was planning to jump straight into recording an album, but have decided against that now. We shall see basically.

NT: Can you give us a few words on your selection for the mix? I don’t think my head stopped nodding all the way through.
F: Great to hear. Not sure what I can say about it though, other than it’s a collection of my favourite tracks since the last mix. Not very good at interviews am I!

NT: Finally, if you had to pick your three favourite ‘Night Tracks’, what would they be?
F: Might regret these choices, but here goes:
Cop Shoot Cop – Room 429
Slayer – South Of Heaven
Nine Inch Nails – Reptile

NT: Thanks for your time man! Now, check out Forensics' mix below, or download it by clicking here.

Forensics - I Am The One Who Knocks [Unreleased]
Spiritless - From The Ashes [Unreleased]
Feonix - Hunter [forthcoming Phantom Hertz]
Fused Forces & Soundproof - Untitled [Unreleased]
Spiritless - Sun Spirit [Unreleased]
TMSV & June Miller - Lost Cause [Black Box]
Fornax - Anti Matter [forthcoming Soulstep]
king slaFF & Cixxxj - Untitled Dub [forthcoming Phantom Hertz]
Grooki - Ghost Train VIP [forthcoming Phantom Hertz]
Infra - Left Behind [Unreleased]
TMSV & DJ Madd - Difference (J:Kenzo Remix) [Black Box]
DJ Madd - The Real & The Shadow [Black Box]
Fused Forces - Stalker [Unreleased]
Killawatt - Muggy [Iron Shirt]
Artikal - Alone In The Darkness (DJ Madd Remix) [Artikal]