(BB16) Cogidubnus - Memorabilia

Fresh out of the Haus of Broken Bubble, it's label head honcho Cogidubnus with a new EP.

I knew it would be quite a release when I noticed that the opener was 'The Future Boards of Cheadle', a track that caught my ears on Soundcloud a couple of months ago, and it really sets the scene for an EP full of tracks that sound like they were unfortunate to be cut from a Selected Ambient Works of Aphex Twin release (although the name of the track alone more than hints at a homage to The Future Sounds Of London and Boards Of Canada).

In previous reviews of Broken Bubble stuff, I've mentioned that they manage to constantly release stuff unlike anything you've ever heard before, and it's like Cogidubnus took upon a challenge of reinforcing that as strongly as possible. Different though it may be, I can't help but feel like there's sounds I've heard before waiting to burst through, and I guess that just shows how strong the release is. Not many have forged sonic memories into something so futuristic as well as this. It's not easy to do. Cogidubnus himself says "Memorabilia is the past's re-imagning of the future" and he sure hasn't disappointed.

The EP finished with four remixes that could easily form a release capable of standing on it's own with tunes re-imagined by BB stalwarts Pogflipper and Hurtdeer and two outstanding pieces from soon-to-be BB favourites Steamgoat and Sipp, the former being a chilled (loathed as I am to use that term) yet emotional piece, and the latter being a futuristic slice of UKG that unexpectedly transforms into alien breaks just after the 3 minute mark.

Grab the EP from Broken Bubble's Bandcamp page from March 26th.