(BB15) Macka - Spirals

Work blows hard, and that's a fact. The world of IT projects for the financial arm of large quasi-non-governmental organisations is not the hotbed of Hollywood glamour many would have you think, so when I receive some promo from Broken Bubble, it can make my day a little better.

But on this occasion, it was my whole week that was made better, such is the amount of time I've had this on rotation. It's the next release from the aforementioned Broken Bubble, by Macka, a London-based producer (and occasional actor), and another one off the labels constant line that mechanically churns out high quality.

You may know by now that I'm not very good at describing genres, but trying to box this in would be a fruitless task, such is the span of this piece. Just when you think this is going to be a take on Berlin-esque Dub Techno when listening to opener "Sirens For Kings", you're shown how completely wrong you are by the time you get to the third track "When You Go", a frantic piece of junglist dubstep and the genre switch-ups don't stop there.

Props to the vocalist Raevennan Husbandes for her delivery, which even when not warped, stretched and pitched by Macka, suits perfectly and adds to the cohesion of the entire release (and this is coming from someone who thinks vocals only work on about 1/10th of the releases they're used on)

In a time where the amount of music I get sent seems to push me towards musical ADD, I rarely find a release that I can listen to and come back to time and time again without skipping off on to the next thing, and I need to big up Broken Bubble for that, who seem to make it their mission to only bring you music that doesn't sound like anything you've ever heard before.

You can grab it from Monday 5th March from Broken Bubbles' Bandcamp page or other digital stores.