The People / The Scene / The Life / The Soul : A Global Compilation

Whilst I'm not one for simply reposting what other blogs do, I think this warrants a break from tradition. A new compilation has dropped from the ever-trustworthy Life Crushed blog, containing works from Night Tracks very own Apple Bottom, Stavrogin, Lex, etc. so go grab it now. I won't take traffic away from them, so check out what they're saying about it and download from there.

Apple Bottom - Girl Cry
George Jetson - Birthday Sex
Sarp Yilmaz - Disco Inferno
Lex - What Else
Mosis - Waiting Games
The Blank - Say It All
Sibian & Faun - Remember
Stavrogin - Interval
Mig Dfoe - Zero
Deadbit - Collided
Strict Face - Bad Girls Ha (JD’s Club Fuck)
Nehuen - I Was There
Adlane - I Feel Good
Dro Carey - Gunmouth
Memotone - They Feel It Moving
Tony Devotion - King V.2