Interview with Mosket and Night Tracks 033: Guest Mix

Today we've got the London and Leeds based duo Mosket in to talk a little about their tunes, and they've also put together a guest mix for your pleasure, that has an absolutely sick selection that's left me rinsing it all day. Check it out.

NT: Hey, can you give us an introduction to Mosket?
Mosket are two producers (Tom and Dom) from London who make house, techno, electronic music.

NT: Can you tell us a little about the music you produce? How long have you been producing?
The music we produce is essentially house, techno, 4/4 but we've always tried to add a lot of melody and atmosphere in our music which makes it both appropriate for the dancefloor and in your yard. We've always tried to be open minded when making music so what sometimes starts as a house tracks morphs into something different as we go off on tangents. Me and Dom have known each other for years, we started pissing about on garageband about 4 years ago and since then we've just been making beats in our spare time slowly developing our sound. I guess Mosket started about 18 months ago...

Mosket - Triple Filtered

NT: Where do you take influence from, musically or otherwise?
Musically I think we are influenced by a lifetime of listening to beats, I've also enjoyed finding new music, listening to different styles of music and from all of them you pick up something. If I had to pin point three artists who have inspired me the most it would be Aphex Twin, Radiohead and Ellen Allien, all three of them in their own way have shown boundless nature of music, when you listen to them you always think, I need to try harder.

Also you get a lot of motivation to make music from going out and seeing people, its all about those nights when you get home, bun a zoot and take in what you've just seen. I mean after seeing Aphex Twin all I wanted to do was make a tune.

NT: You're putting out a couple of tunes on Night Tracks in the future, can you tell us about them?
The two beats we're putting out are both old, although we've tried to refine the mix a little so the release is sounding good. Knock Turn All we made a while back, its a nice 120bpm track we is kinda technoey and atmospheric. Tek Som is a big more recent, but again quite a dark techno/house track.

Mosket - Tek Som

NT: Can you give us a few words on the mix you've put together for us?
I think the mix is a good representation of what Mosket is about, if you haven't heard any or our tunes then I think this mix should be a good introduction to what influences us. I started thinking about the mix when I was away and only had my iPod thats why a lot of the tracks are quite old, but all of them are great songs. There are a lot of big artists in there who like I said have had a big influence, two of my greatest musical experiences was dropping for the first time at Radiohead and celebrating New Years with Plaid. I mean I'm not a DJ so the mix is a bit rough around the edges but like I said its all good music in there so I hope people enjoy it.

NT: Have you got any other releases planned at the moment?
No releases planned really, Me and Dom only get to make tunes every couple of months so we don't really have much new material although we are holding on to one tune we made over Christmas and are hoping to make another few tunes in the near future so when their done hopefully we'll get something lined up.

NT: Finally, if you had to pick your 3 favourite Night Tracks, what would they be?
Echo and the Bunnymen - Ocean Rain
Radiohead - How to Disappear Completely
Joy Division - Twenty Four Hours

NT: Big up guys, it's been a long time coming! Now check out the mix below, or download it for a limited time  by clicking here!

1. Aphex Twin - Gwerly Menans
2. Flying Lotus (feat. Life Force Trio) - Aunties Lock
3. Brain Eno - 1/1
4. Plaid - Eyen
5. Burial - Street Halo
6. Ben Klock - Gloaming
7. Burial - Street Halo
8. Radiohead - Everything in its Right Place
9. Filur - You & I (Trentemoller Remix)
10. Ellen Allien - My Tree (Ripperton Backlash Remix)
11. Deniz Kurtel (feat. Jada) - The L Word (Guy Gerber Countryside Remix)
12. Paul Kalkbrenner (feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner) - Sky and Sand
13. Dauwd - Ikopol
14. Phil Kieran and Green Velvet - Church Organ Nightmare (Max Cooper Remix)
15. John Tejada - The Dream
16. Floating Points - K & G Beat
17. Great Skies - Festival