Immersed Audio - Make It Happen EP

The other day, I was contacted by Mike from Immersed Audio with some information about their first release, the Make It Happen EP.

Whilst it's a solid collection of tracks, it feels more of a taster than an EP, but it serves it's purpose easily, and as such it's hard to pick a highlight, as all the selection is so varied. All of the tracks stand on their own, but if I was pushed for a stand out I'd have to choose either Hedley King's (who we've featured in a mix before) track 'Work' which sits somewhere between the dark, 'eyes down' strand of dubstep and pounding Berlin-style techno, or Luthor's track 'Callisto' which is a fine addition to the mutant brand of post-everything that seems to be popping up today amongst artists like Objekt and Akkord.

Check the previews out below (and bag a free track):

You can grab the whole thing here for £2 (I won't accept people who say music is too expensive, this is an undeniable bargain). As an EP, it's not the most cohesive piece, but if it's an indication of the many directions this label seem to be heading down, then we'll be hearing more about Immersed Audio sooner rather than later.